Thanjai Natural Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut oil ,Gingelly Oil and Groundnut Oil Combo Pack of 3 | Each 1itre

919 1599

Thanjai Natural Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut oil ,Gingelly Oil and Groundnut Oil Combo Pack of 3 | Each 1itre

919 1599

Package Contents: 1ltr Groundnut Oil  + 1ltr Gingelly Oil  + 1ltr Coconut Oil Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed

Product Description

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Huge potential as an anti-aging cream

Boosts Energy

The natural preservative in pickles

Natural Virgin Gingelly Oil wooden cold Pressed & Gingelly Oil for Natural Healthy

  • Helps in keeping the skin cells rejuvenated and healthy
  • Used for a massage before sleeping
  • It will protect the skin from any kinds of infections
  • Sesame oil is like the Indian counterpart of olive oil and it lends a distinct flavor to your dishes
  • Sesame oil is used as a natural preservative in pickles due to its natural antimicrobial properties
  • Cold-pressed sesame oil {unrefined) cold-pressed sesame oil is one of the oldest oils used in India along with coconut oil. like coconut oil sesame oil has been used in multiple ways and not just for cooking. like all other oils, sesame oil also undergoes a refining process, which destroys many of the health benefits of the real sesame oil extracted from sesame seeds.

SPN-BFC Natural Virgin Gingelly Oil

SPN-BFC Natural Virgin Gingelly Oil

SPN-BFC Natural Virgin Gingelly Oil

We use low-heat methods to extract higher quality oil, retaining all its flavor, aroma, and nutritional value, making it great for cooking and skin care requirements.

sesame oil is truly a gift from the gods but these benefits are intact and available only when you use cold-pressed sesame oils.

It is commonly used in Asian cuisine, particularly for stir-fries, due to its high smoke point, making it suitable for cooking at low, medium, and high heat.



Thanjai Natural Groundnut Oil Virgin Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Natural Peanut Oil for Cooking

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil Virgin

  • Here are some of the benefits of consuming unrefined cold-pressed Groundnut Oils: Because of a very high smoke point, groundnut oil can be used for deep frying and high-temperature cooking
  • Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil adds a very unique taste to any food
  • Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil/Peanut oil contains many essential fatty acids and is completely free of cholesterol
  • Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil contains resveratrol.


It's Suitable for all kinds of Cooking

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil

SPN-BFC  Groundnut Oil

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil

Deep Frying

The oil. There's no one oil that's best for deep-frying, although vegetable, canola, sunflower, and rice bran oil are all good, as they can be heated to high temperatures without burning.

Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil contains phytochemicals and vitamin E, both of which are natural antioxidants.


Peanut oil also referred to as groundnut oil or Arachis oil, is a vegetable-derived oil made from the edible seeds of the peanut plant.

SPN-BFC  Groundnut Oil Virgin

Benefit Groundnut Oil

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil

SPN-BFC Groundnut Oil


Your skin protects your body from germs and regulates body temperature. Nerves in the skin help you feel sensations like hot and cold.

Cholesterol Free

These diets can provide important health benefits and have common themes and compounds that make them beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels.

Body Health

A food and activity journal can help you understand your eating patterns. Also, it can help you find ways to make simple, healthy changes.


Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut oil

Thanjai Natural Wooden cold pressed Coconut Oil is extracted from sun-dried coconut kernel without any chemical processes. It’s plain and pure coconut oil without any chemical ingredients and Sulphur treatment. We use coconuts from reliable farms to ensure purity. The naturally occurring rich aroma, flavor, and taste of the coconut are preserved.

Benefits of Pure Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil. The brown, hairy fruit of the coconut tree, coconut has a hard shell covering the white nutmeat inside, which is very rich in fat.

Some coconut oil products are labeled "cold-pressed." During cold pressing, the oil from the coconut meat is mechanically pressed at temperatures not exceed's 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to preserve its healthful benefits.

But Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut oil is not refined processed or deodorized. Thanjai Natural's Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut oil has been found to be effective in weight loss and cardiovascular disease, and as an antimicrobial agent, among its many other health benefits.

Uses beyond regular cooking

Sesame Oil



Keto Diet


Even though Coconut Oil cooked food is great for skin and hair, it can also be used as your very own beauty product.

Use Thanjai Natural Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to remove makeup quickly without drying out your skin.

Alternatively, it can be applied to the ends of your hair, preventing split ends and breakage. Our coconut oil can even be used to repair chapped lips and moisturize dried skin.


If a recipe calls for vegetable oil or melted butter, you can swap in coconut oil by simply heating it until melted. You can also use solid, room-temperature coconut oil in place of butter or shortening in many recipes, even cakes.

However, if you’re making things like pie crusts, biscuits, and scones, where you want cold bits of fat dispersed in flour, go ahead and chill that coconut oil down.

Whitening & Detoxifying Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Coconut oil attacks the harmful bacteria in your mouth prevents tooth decay, and fights gum disease. For these reasons, oil pulling or brushing your teeth with coconut oil is known to significantly improve dental health.

Whip together 1/2 Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (Cold),1 Tablespoon Himalayan Pink Salt, 2 Tablespoons Calcium Carbonate,1/2 Cup Baking Soda,1/2 Teaspoon Organic Liquid Stevia and 1 Tablespoon Organic Peppermint Flavour.


Unlike butter, our pure coconut oil is cholesterol-free and a perfect substitute for butter and it’s perfect for gluten-free cooking and keto diets. ketones.

In fact, it's been suggested that consuming cold-pressed coconut oil may be one of the best ways to increase ketone levels.


  • Helps to Boost Immune System
  • Helps to Increase Metabolism
  • Enhance Digestion
  • Good For Hair Growth
  • Helps to Heal & Repair Skin


  • Tasty and Flavourful

    Enjoy the fresh aroma of coconut as you cook your choice of dish in Thanjai Natural Wooden Cold Pressed coconut oil.


    For a health-conscious you

  • Thanjai Natural cold-pressed Coconut Oil offers a good balance between taste and nutrition to support your lifestyle.

  • Children to elders can enjoy - whether it's to cook or for a hair/body massage. The oil is unrefined and naturally clarified. This keeps nutrients intact.


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